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SPF 101: The right way to apply sunscreen in 4 critical steps

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… and again until the end of time: There’s no part of your daily skincare routine more important than sunscreen. Incorporating any kind of protection into your routine - whether it’s a dedicated SPF or a multitasking formula - can save you loads of trouble down the line (aka, burns, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, melanoma). But as with most things, there is a wrong way and a right way to apply sunscreen....
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Sun Care 101:
Can babies wear sunscreen?

When it comes to protecting our kids from anything and everything, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do. From child-proofing every corner of the house to researching the safest car seat ever invented. But have you considered sun protection? When it comes to babies and young kids, sun care is not only essential, but different depending on their age. If you find yourself wondering “can babies wear sunscreen?” or “what kind of sunscreen should I use?”, you’ve come to the right place!...
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Sun Safety Tips for Spring and Summer

Spring Break! The unofficial start of fun in the sun. Finally, fresh air, hikes, time near or on the water. Shedding heavy clothes in exchange for shorts and sunglasses and the feel of the sun on your skin. And, while we all want to add a little glow to our pasty post-Winter complexion, sun safety needs to be the priority. With the excitement of sun-soaked days, this can be overlooked. SPF, specifically Broad Spectrum, should be a part of your...
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How to Choose the Right Sunscreen

SPF has evolved well beyond just general protection from the sun when enjoying a day at the beach. SPF is now a major player and must-have benefit in daily skincare products, which have become multi-tasking, natural, hydrating with incredible formulas and textures for any lifestyle or skincare need. So, which one do you choose? SPF should be worn every day. Read that again. The skin is the largest organ and needs to be protected and treated well to keep it in...
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Respect Your Skin and Our Seas

Educate Yourself and Choose the Best Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin and Our Ecosystems. Warmer weather is finally here! Time for some fun in the sun and beach days galore! While SPF should be part of your daily skincare regimen, we know that most people only pull out the sunscreen in the warmer months. Which means, it’s probably time to refresh your sun care collection (yes, sunscreen does expire, check this blog! ). However, before you do, consider this: Did...
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Fall in love with our silky, smooth and lightweight sunscreens!

How likely are you to use a product that may deliver great results, but doesn’t feel good on your skin? Chances are, you would probably avoid wearing it. When skincare and suncare formulas are too thick or even too thin in consistency, they can be unpleasant to wear. What ends up happening? If they are too heavy on the skin or under makeup, your skin will feel uncomfortable, pores may get clogged causing breakouts and, ultimately, causing you to stop...
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Face, Body and Lip Sunscreen… What’s the Difference?

Can I use the same SPF on face, body and lips? All dermatologists recommend wearing sunscreen and reapplying it within a few hours to keep your skin protected from harmful sun rays. Beyond reapplication, it’s also important to think about the areas that often get forgotten… and which ones are the most important. Our faces are definitely the most exposed parts of our bodies. They are at a higher risk of absorbing UV rays. If you haven’t checked out our other...
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7 steps to perfect SPF application

Even in our Covid world, life can be a fast-paced rat race of whirlwind coffee runs, online school or school drop offs, and zoom meetings – seemingly leaving no room for skincare. And besides, sunscreen is just for summer, right? Not quite… SPF is the first, most important step in anti-aging, and it’s necessary every day – even inside (wrinkle-creating UVA rays shine right through windows) and even in the winter (UVA remains strong all year long). But don’t worry...
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