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How likely are you to use a product that may deliver great results, but doesn’t feel good on your skin?

Chances are, you would probably avoid wearing it. When skincare and suncare formulas are too thick or even too thin in consistency, they can be unpleasant to wear.

What ends up happening? If they are too heavy on the skin or under makeup, your skin will feel uncomfortable, pores may get clogged causing breakouts and, ultimately, causing you to stop using the products that were meant to keep your skin healthy-looking and protected in the first place.

Are thicker formulas more effective?

Years ago, many products did have a thicker consistency and, yes, the thicker the consistency, the more effective they were thought to be.  And who doesn’t remember wearing a coating of white on their skin and nose during the summer?  Well, both skincare and sun care formulas have evolved. Companies have partnered with skincare professionals, dermatologists, who know the skin on an intimate level.

These professionals help in developing incredibly effective products, using sustainable and efficacious ingredients. These work in tandem to deliver benefits-driven formulas with textures that glide onto skin. Products do not look or feel heavy on the skin anymore.  Lightweight sunscreens and soft-to-the-touch formulas are more likely to become part of your daily skincare (or sun care) regimen, keeping skin protected and in peak condition.

I don’t like anything that feels heavy on my skin but know I should wear a daily SPF. What should I look for in a product?

“One of the top reasons many people don’t wear sunscreen is that they don’t like the way it feels.  Most SPF formulas just don’t feel good.  They can be goopy, greasy, sticky, leave a white cast or sting eyes” states Renee Plato, CEO of MDSolarSciences™.  “Choose natural, lightweight SPF sunscreens that are also reef-safe and cruelty-free” she adds.

In addition, look for products that are vegan, gluten, paraben, fragrance and oil free. This will keep skin irritation at bay.  Mineral-based formulas are less irritating on the skin and won’t sting eyes, they may be more suitable to people with sensitive skin. Chemical SPF formulas are also very effective. Make sure that the chemical active ingredients are reef safe (no oxybenzone or Octinoxate) and that the formula provides Broad Spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays.

And, most importantly, know what ingredients are in the products you choose.


What makes a product feel good on my skin, while still delivering benefits?

When developing a skin or sun care formula, a cocktail of ingredients is crafted with complexes of powerful and protective antioxidants, fruit extracts that can help calm and soothe skin without causing irritation. Green tea, grape or pomegranate extracts are hydrating and nourishing. Vitamins C and E can have a natural brightening and softening effect.

When choosing a product, check whether the brand is endorsed by Dermatologists, or third-party organizations like the Environmental Working Group (EWG), the American Skin Cancer Foundation or other.

MDSolarSciences™ mineral sunscreen formulas are highly ranked by the Environmental Working Group (EWG).  All our SPF formulas carry The Skin Cancer Foundation recommendation seal. Our products are developed and approved by dermatologists with clean, fragrance-free, tear-free formulas that have velvety-soft textures that easily glide onto skin.  Sunscreens so lightweight, they have a barely-there touch and feel and can be worn alone or under makeup. Skin will feel breathable and no complaints from adults or kids!

Our skincare is formulated for all skin types. Lightweight and fragrance-free, daily wear eye emulsion and restorative SPF moisturizers and beauty balms as well as night serum provide well-aging benefits with silky-smooth textures. Perfect for any daily (and nightly) skincare regimen.

MDSolarSciences’ Mineral SPFs are suitable for all skin types including acne, rosacea prone and sensitive skin. They consistently receive high rankings from EWG and their texture is unparalleled.

And our Lip Balms combine great sheer tints with broad spectrum sun protection and long-lasting hydration.

To learn more about MDSolarSciences and our unique formulas, check out this blog

Make SPF part of your daily regimen, every day and everywhere you go!