Your Winter Skincare Routine using FSA dollars*

Your Winter Skincare Routine using FSA dollars*

At MDSolarSciences, it’s our mission to make incredible skin wellness available to all. Why? Because being skin-healthy is just as important as being regular healthy. It’s why we take great care to work with top dermatologists to provide you with the safest, most effective, science-backed formulas. AND it’s why we’ve partnered with the Optum Store to make our luxurious SPF products FSA-eligible! Because nothing should come in the way of your access to these daily essentials. What a great way to spend your FSA dollars by giving yourself, or someone you care about the gift of healthy, beautiful skin this season!

As we settle into winter and the changes it brings to our skin, we want to help you make informed decisions when it comes to your daily routine. Below, we’ve rounded up our must-have products to soothe and protect dry winter skin, including two multitasking SPF essentials (yes, you still need SPF in the winter!), all of which you can shop on the Optum Store!*



Your face wash is the foundation of your routine and can impact how effective the rest of your products are. A good cleanser will remove everything from your face - makeup, impurities, sunscreen - without stripping your natural oils or disrupting your skin’s pH.  

If your cleanser can’t do this, it hinders the rest of your products from effectively penetrating deep enough to deliver their benefits. This is especially important in winter as your skin can’t drink up the hydration from your moisturizer if your cleanser isn’t clearing the way for full absorption.

That’s why we recommend Wash Away! In a single wash, its dermatologist developed formula is able to first break down water-proof barriers from makeup and sunscreen, then clear our impurities from your pores. Plus, it contains hydrating AND moisturizing agents to help skin maintain critical moisture. The result? Truly clean, plump, healthy skin that’s ready for the rest of your routine! 


Help brighten up and tighten up your under eye area with this ultra-nourishing eye gel. Uniquely made with 5 powerful and nourishing peptides, it instantly hydrates to help diminish the appearance of burnt out, tired, puffy eyes and fine lines.

Its dermatologist developed formula is also engineered to maintain a tighter, brighter appearance all day by releasing moisture, caffeine, and niacinamide around the clock.


After your cleanser, this is the second most important product in your winter skincare routine. Now that Wash Away has cleared the way for optimal absorption, your skin can easily drink in all the hydration.

There are two reasons why we love this moisturizer, especially for winter. First, it’s made with sodium hyaluronate, a water-soluble salt form of hyaluronic acid. Meaning? It’s better able to penetrate your skin for increased effectiveness! So, your skin receives maximum benefits, including a powerful combination of antioxidants, ceramides, caffeine and niacinamide for a dewy, radiant finish.

Second, it provides melt-in-your-skin broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection for a super blendable  application. No white cast or sticky, unspreadable feel - it simply melts into skin  for a natural-looking finish. Not to mention this multitasking benefit helps cut down the steps in your daily routine!


Dry winter air is known for zapping the life out of your skin, leaving it looking dull and lackluster. Which is why a retinol is especially essential for overnight repair because it helps speed up skin cell turnover for more radiant, plump, smooth skin by morning.

With traditional retinoids, this regenerative process can be extremely harsh, leaving skin dryer and more sensitive. That’s where our retinol stands out. Because it’s made with encapsulated retinol, it’s able to delicately move its way deeper into your skin before it’s activated to avoid common side effects, such as dryness, peeling and irritation. Amazingly, you get all the revitalizing benefits without further irritating your dry winter skin!


Another victim of dry winter air? Your lips. Chapped, cracked lips plague all of us when the temps drop, making an ultra-hydrating and nourishing lip balm a take-everywhere essential. Our go to? Hydrating Sheer Tinted Lip Balm! 

More than just your average chapstick, this luxurious stick is the perfect hybrid of high-end lipstick, mega hydration and SPF protection. One swipe of its all-natural hydration - thanks to shea, avocado and olive butters - not only leaves you with a velvety-smooth finish and SPF 30 protection, but the perfect tint of color. Best of all? You can choose your color intensity with our buildable colors. The more you swipe, the more it shows, making it perfect for transitioning from your day lip to your evening look.

Grab your entire winter skincare routine on the Optum Store today! Shop at this link.

*Only SPF products are FSA eligible, although the full assortment can be purchased on the Optum Store. Head there before the December 31st deadline to purchase these game-changing SPF skincare items!