7 self-care ideas for your mind, body and soul

7 self-care ideas for your mind, body and soul

We all have our ways of coping with stress and mental health. In years past, self-care was often viewed as a luxury, something you did *after* a stressful day or week at work. It was a night out with your girls to let off steam, decompressing with a bubble bath or planning a weekend escape.

The goal of self-care today is much different - to prevent feelings of anxiety, depression, stress or burnout, rather than reacting to them. It should lessen the impact that stress and mental health crises have on you rather than be an afterthought. Which is why it’s important to make self-care part of your regular daily routine, so you can hit pause on your mind and refresh, whether you do it for 5 minutes or 30!

What’s most important, though, is that your method of self-care works for you, doesn’t stress you out, and most importantly, brings you joy! 

Not sure what kind of self-care activities would fit best into your day? That’s what we’re here for! Check out a few of our favorite ways we like to make time for ourselves (besides skincare of course!).

Self-care ideas for mind, body and soul

Self-care Idea #1: Get moving! (body)

Go for a walk, practice yoga, dance like no one’s watching, do a HIIT class. Moving your body, even if it’s low-impact, can make major improvements in your mood. Because let’s be real… it’s hard to think about stressors when you’re huffing and puffing! The important part is to find a movement you love and will practice consistently. If you’re able, try breaking up your day with 30-60 minutes of movement.

Self-care Idea #2: Limit screen time (mind)

Sometimes being hyper-connected to everything that’s happening in the world can be overwhelming. Not to mention can cause feelings of inadequacy compared to other’s lives on social media. So give yourself a daily limit. Our advice? Put your screens away close to bedtime. This is especially important as studies have shown that blue light from screens can negatively impact your ability to fall asleep (and less sleep = decreased mental health).

Self-care Idea #3:Meditate (soul)

If you’re into getting deep and truly understanding what influences your mental health, this is the perfect practice for you. Meditation requires you to exist in the moment and sit with your feelings and energy. Is it daunting at first? Sure. But the great news is this practice has become so popular over the past few years that there’s an endless supply of guided videos for you to follow. So it’s easier for you to simply let your thoughts and to-do lists melt away for the time being and focus on YOU!

Self-care Idea #4: Eat balanced, nutrient-rich meals (body)

We could cite an endless supply of studies pertaining to nutrition, but the truth is you know your body. And you know what it feels like to eat your favorite go-to junk food versus your favorite well-balanced meal. But beyond that, pay attention to how certain foods affect your mood. Do they make you feel good in the moment, but bad later on? Or do they make you feel good now AND later? Once you know which foods make you feel your best, make them consistent in your daily meals!

Self-care Idea #5: Spend time with friends and family (mind)

There’s nothing like spending a day with your absolute favorite people! Meaningful face-to-face interactions have proven to be highly beneficial for mental health, with studies showing lower stress levels and improved moods compared to isolated people.

Self-care Idea #6: Journal (soul)

Have you ever bared your soul to some blank pages to find a huge weight lifted off your shoulder afterwards? Self-reflection can be a powerful self-care tool, helping you identify the highs and lows of your days so you can more easily see where you need to focus your attention. Another way to use a journal is for a gratitude list. These kinds of lists help us to see abundance in our lives, rather than lack, for a more optimistic outlook.

Self-care Idea #7: Rest (body, mind + soul)

Doing nothing can feel unproductive. But sometimes doing nothing for an entire day is exactly what you need to truly relax and recharge. Rest can look different to everyone: getting a full 8 hours of sleep, a day at the spa, a mental health day from work, or laying on the couch watching TV or listening to your favorite podcast. That's where the Skincare comes in... if going through a soothing routine helps you recharge, check out this full skincare experience Kit.  Whatever your body tells you it needs, don’t think, just do it! 

Incorporating just one of these activities into your daily routine can majorly boost your overall mood and better prepare you to deal with stress. For a more balanced and holistic self-care practice, try making time to care for your body, mind AND soul.