30 Days to Skin Wellness Week 1: Wear SPF Every Day

30 days to skin wellness

When it comes to skincare, we already know you’re making healthy choices by shopping clean, vegan, earth-friendly formulas. Our goal? To turn your healthy choices into healthy habits by guiding you through our 30 day challenge for improved skin wellness!

We know, forming new habits can be a challenge, but our formulas make it easy! Developed by some of the leading dermatologists across the country, our team has masterfully perfected a balance within skin wellness that’s never been done before. Every one of our formulas meets your skin’s needs without compromising on clean and safe ingredients, their incredibly luxurious feel or our commitment to sustainable practices.

Quite simply, every application of our sun and skincare formulas feels like a treat and will have you looking forward to your daily routine without effort!

The first healthy skin wellness habit of our challenge is all about SPF and why you should wear it every single day (yes, even in winter!). Check out our comprehensive guide below.

WEEK 1 CHALLENGE: Wear SPF every day


For most people, sunscreen is something you wear in the hotter months to protect against UV damage that can lead to melanoma. But the benefits go well beyond just that! Wearing daily SPF is actually essential to reaching your skin goals as it preserves the progress you’ve made.

  • Reduces and prevents hyperpigmentation
  • Lessens chance of sunburn
  • Prevents premature aging, such as dullness, droopy skin, fine lines and wrinkles

Simply wearing SPF daily will ensure your skincare products work without interruption for healthy, beautiful skin. So you can enjoy time outside completely worry-free!

How to choose the right SPF

  • Check the label – There are 3 things you want to look out for when shopping for sunscreen.
  1. Broad-spectrum protection, meaning it will keep you safe from both UVA and UVB rays.
  2. Hit the SPF sweet spot, which is between SPF 30 to SPF 50.
  3. Water-resistance for up to 80 minutes to ensure you stay protected to the max while swimming and sweating.
  • Mind the consistency – If you choose a typical SPF that’s sticky and goopy, chances are you won’t wear it everyday. Instead, look for something lightweight, creamy, and easily blendable, like our derm-developed formulas. Their melt-in-your-skin, luxe application is the reason you’ll *actually* want to wear them everyday.
  • Choose based on your needs – Constantly on-the-go? Keep Solar Stick SPF 40 in your purse for quick and easy reapplication that requires zero blending with your hands. Have a daily commute? Store Mineral Creme SPF 50 in your car to protect your hands from hyperpigmentation. Evaluate your daily routine to see where SPF fits in best. Most likely you’ll need more than one kind throughout your day!
  • Tinted or untinted? – That *is* the question. If you love a multitasker that protects but also evens skin tone, reduces redness and leaves a glowy finish, go for tinted. If not, untinted it is!

How to make daily SPF a habit

The first step is to invest in a good SPF you’ll actually want to put on everyday. After that, we suggest you set a reminder each morning to make sure you start each day protected!

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