30 Days to Skin Wellness Week 2: Wash your face every night!

30 Days to Skin Wellness Week 2: Wash your face every night!

When it comes to skincare, we already know you’re making healthy choices by shopping clean, vegan, earth-friendly formulas. Our goal? To turn your healthy choices into healthy habits by guiding you through our 30 day challenge for improved skin wellness!

We know, forming new habits can be a challenge, but our formulas make it easy! Developed by some of the leading dermatologists across the country, our team has masterfully perfected a balance within skin wellness that’s never been done before. Every one of our formulas meets your skin’s needs without compromising on clean and safe ingredients, their incredibly luxurious feel or our commitment to sustainable practices.

Quite simply, every application of our sun and skincare formulas feels like a treat and will have you looking forward to your daily routine without effort!

The second healthy skin wellness habit of our challenge is all about keeping skin fresh and clean with a nightly cleanse. Check out our comprehensive guide below.

WEEK 2 CHALLENGE: Wash your face every night!


Washing your face each night is beneficial to preserving your skincare investment. Your skin is exposed to a lot throughout the day – sweat, dirt, pollution, free radicals, makeup, sunscreen. If left unwashed, this grime can clog your pores, leading to acne, irritation, and inflammation.

Unwashed skin also interferes with your skin’s natural cycle of cell regeneration. Clean skin allows this process to proceed naturally, for skin that’s fresh, radiant and healthy-looking. 

The best cleanser for all skin types

Your cleanser is the foundation of your routine, but shockingly, most cleansers are not engineered to remove water-proof makeup and mineral SPF. When these stay behind, it makes the rest of your routine way less effective.

That’s why we made Wash Away One Step Cleanser. In a single step, skin is left truly clean, soft and supple, pH-balanced and ready to soak in the rest of your routine. Best of all? It comes with unique benefits for all skin types, making it the most universal cleanser and an easy choice.

  • Gentle cleansing agents break down water-proof barriers (from makeup and mineral SPF)
  • Argan + Grape Seed oils cleanse pores
  • Apple + Pineapple extracts lightly exfoliate
  • Hydrating + Moisturizing Agents attract + hold water to skin

Here’s why people can’t stop raving about Wash Away One Step Cleanser!

How to make it a habit

Simply tack it onto your regular nightly routine!


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