30 Days to Skin Wellness Week 3: Reapply SPF

30 Days to Skin Wellness Week 3: Reapply SPF

When it comes to skincare, we already know you’re making healthy choices by shopping clean, vegan, earth-friendly formulas. Our goal? To turn your healthy choices into healthy habits by guiding you through our 30 day challenge for improved skin wellness!

We know, forming new habits can be a challenge, but our formulas make it easy! Developed by some of the leading dermatologists across the country, our team has masterfully perfected a balance within skin wellness that’s never been done before. Every one of our formulas meets your skin’s needs without compromising on clean and safe ingredients, their incredibly luxurious feel or our commitment to sustainable practices.

Quite simply, every application of our sun and skincare formulas feels like a treat and will have you looking forward to your daily routine without effort!

The third healthy skin wellness habit of our challenge is all about staying protected from the sun by regularly reapplying SPF throughout the day. Check out our comprehensive guide below.

WEEK 3 CHALLENGE: Reapply SPF throughout the day


Here’s the thing: All types of SPF, whether chemical or mineral, will naturally break down when exposed to sunlight. And if you’re dealing with mineral, you’re more likely to wipe it off because it sits on the surface of your skin. In order to reap the full benefits of sun protection, it’s essential you reapply consistently throughout the day, preferably every 2 hours.

Best ways to reapply

  • Don’t be picky! As long as it meets the criteria above, whatever SPF you have readily available, whether it’s chemical or mineral, is fine. In fact, it’s OK to apply mineral over chemical or vice versa. This will not impact its effectiveness.
  • If you’re spending a day outside at the beach, playing sports, working out, or with kids, Quick Dry Body Spray is best for reapplying. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get full body coverage in seconds.
  • When you’re on-the-go, Solar Sticks are your best option. They’re especially great if you’re unable to wash your hands because their application is totally touch-free.
  • Wearing makeup? Go for a tinted creme like BB Creme or Mineral Tinted Creme. They won’t disrupt your finished look. In fact, they’ll actually enhance it by evening tone, reducing redness and leaving skin with a beautiful, glowy matte finish.
  • Don’t forget your lips! Hydrating Sheer Lip Balm fits perfectly in any pocket, purse or even on your desk for a quick swipe whenever you need it.

 How to make reapplying SPF a habit

First of all, make sure you have SPF handy wherever you are, whether that’s in your car, purse, gym bag, office desk, bathroom and so on. The best way to remember to reapply every 2 hours is to set an alarm. But if that’s not your thing, try pairing reapplication with regular activities throughout your day, such as post-meeting, before a walk, after lunch, and so on.


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