Does Sunscreen expire?

Does Sunscreen expire?

It’s that time of year again where we trade in our chunky sweaters for sun dresses and bathing suits. It’s also the time that most people dig through their bathroom cabinets to unearth last sun season’s SPF.

But wait… does sunscreen expire??

Yes, it absolutely does. Just like food can spoil, smell and mold past its expiration date, so too can your sunscreen. The good news? SPF has a long shelf life. 

At MDSolarSciences, you can rest assured our SPF products are designed to last and work effectively for 2 years!

Can I still use expired sunscreen?

We don’t recommend you use sunscreen past its expiration date. Once a sunscreen surpasses its shelf life, it’s no longer expected to – and most likely will not – provide the same level of protection. AKA, applying expired sunscreen is the equivalent of not wearing any at all. You’re still putting yourself at risk of burning, sun damage and melanoma.

Another risk of using expired sunscreen? Expired formulas can grow bacteria that are capable of causing skin infections, irritations and allergic reactions. We don’t know about you, but sunburnt skin paired with infection and irritation sounds like the absolute worst. 

How do I know the expiration date?

On MDSolarSciences’ products, you can always find the expiration date on the back of the packaging. But, unfortunately, the FDA does not require suncare brands to provide an expiration date on the label, so not all do.

If you’re unsure how long you’ve had your sunscreen, it’s best you toss and replace. Better to be safe than sorry! Our advice? Make sure you purchase sunscreen that has an expiration date printed on the carton, and on the tube or bottle. 

What are the signs of expired sunscreen?

Trust us, you’ll know when sunscreen has expired! Here are the most common telltale signs:

  • Funky smell
  • Watery and/or chunky consistency
  • Mold
  • Color change

Proper care for sunscreen

Fair warning! Outside of its shelf life expiration date, sunscreen can go bad quicker if stored in hot places, such as your car or purse, or if left exposed in the sun while at the pool or beach. Make sure to always keep it cool by leaving it in the shade or at room temperature inside your house.  

Happy sun season and stay skin healthy!