You skipped sunscreen way too many times! We get it. It was too gooey, too sticky and left streaks all over your skin. Your sunscreen was a problem. And MDSolarSciences has created the perfect solution.

Myth #1: Sunscreen leaves your skin and fingers greasy.

We know you tried sunscreens that take forever to rub in and leave your skin feeling oily. At MDSolarSciences, we want you to wear sunscreen that you enjoy putting on. Whether it’s our Mineral Crème SPF 50 or our Quick Dry Body Spray SPF 40, we make sunscreen that leaves your skin soft and smooth.

Myth #2: Sunscreen won’t blend in with your skin.

Our sunscreens are formulated to work with your skin tone, not against it. When you wear our products, you won’t be left with visible layers of sunscreen on your face. We’re all about the blend! Our sunscreens will blend in seamlessly with light and dark skin tones. The only things you’ll be left with are SPF protection and an extra glow.

People marvel at the silky feel of our sunscreens and sun repair formulas. How can something that works so well feel so light and luxurious? We know you thought sunscreens had to be thick and gloopy to get the job done, but we’ve busted those myths.