Your Skin’s Glow-Up Guide to Niacinamide— the Leading Dermatologist approved Ingredient for Brighter Skin

Your Skin’s Glow-Up Guide to Niacinamide—  the Leading Derm-approved Ingredient for Brighter Skin

Most of us by now have become skincare-savvy enough to know which label keywords to look for when in search of that ‘Holy Grail’ product for pore-perfecting and wrinkle smoothing.

Ingredients like: Antioxidants; Retinol; Vitamin C; SPF (to-the-nth) are a few of the most commonly sought out beauty heroes.

Still, there’s one remarkably lesser-known yet dermatologist-beloved ingredient that should be on everybody’s radar: Niacinamide.

Read on to learn why this micronutrient-turned-topical gets the greenlight from board-certified dermatologists and enlightened skincare specialists alike.


A multifaceted ingredient with extraordinary benefits, Niacinamide is garnering considerable acclaim in the skincare world as a multi-tasking powerhouse—and for good reason.

This balancing, B3 vitamin is brimming with antioxidants and skin-brightening benefits to refine, protect and repair skin.


Boost anti-inflammatory properties. Addresses a slew of skin concerns from Acne to Eczema, calming irritation and reducing redness for a more even-looking skin-tone.

Brighten. Increases cell turnover by naturally removing dead skin cells. This promotes an even tone by diminishing the appearance of dark spots and brightening your overall complexion.

Bolster the lipid barrier. Locks in moisture and locks out environmental stressors, helping to neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals.

Boost immunity. ‘Nuff said.         

Bonus: Niacinamide naturally offers photoprotective properties that both combat hyperpigmentation and bolster your sun-care regimen! 


While the initial benefits of niacinamide begin within (as in, niacin you absorb and convert into niacinamide via your diet), this miraculous little micronutrient is actually far more potent (and effective) when used topically at a strength that falls somewhere between 2-10%. 


  • MD Revitalizing Retinol. In tandem with retinol and vitamin C, this glow-up dream team doesn’t disappoint. While reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and pores, niacinamide here ensures even the most sensitive skin types can rest easy—by strengthening the dermal barrier to retain moisture and counteract the dehydrating effects of retinol.
  • MD Restore Eye Gel. This skin-priming formula not only packs a powerful punch when attempting to flip the sands of time, but due to its blend of niacinamide, antioxidants and collagen-prompting peptides, also keeps working hard ‘round the clock, day-in and day-out.
  • Gleam + Glow SPF50. Radiates, hydrates, and protects: starring niacinamide + the usual suspects.
  • BB Crème SPF 50. The stranded-on-a-desert-island must-have, this mineral-based BB cream wouldn’t be…without the anti-inflammatory magic of niacinamide.