Winter Skincare Routine

Fall Skincare Routine

10 tips for a successful transition from Summer to Fall and Winter skincare
As we move into the colder season, everyone starts talking about changing your skincare routine, and how to adjust to the change in weather. But what does this mean? Here are 10 easy tips to help you successfully transition to a colder weather skincare routine, and keep that summer glow all winter long!

1. Time for a fresh start – after the summer months, time for some good exfoliating, especially if you have been too busy to do it regularly over the summer. Pick your favorite exfoliators and get rid of those dead skin cells to help your skin recover.
2. What is your main goal? Did you abuse your skin this summer, do you need to help your skin recover from too much sun? Or is it more about adjusting to colder and dryer temperatures? Taking inventory of your skin’s needs will help you pick the right additional treatments (serums, masks). It might make sense to schedule a visit with your dermatologist to get an expert advice so that you can build the best routine for your skin type.

3. Cleansing is essential, especially if you use SPF every day (as you should!). Make sure you continue to cleanse regularly at night. Depending on your skin type, consider switching to a gentler or less drying cleansing routine (cleansing balm, oil or milk are good options).

4. Don’t skip the toners! They play an important role in your evening and morning routine. Make sure your toners are not too drying.

5. Serum extravaganza! It’s become so easy to find a serum that fits your specific skin’s needs. It is also easy to combine several serums for optimal results. Do your research, review blogs, see some of our favorites below. Our MD Revitalize Retinol Serum is a great option to add Retinol to your routine, combined with calming ingredients that will help rejuvenate your skin overnight.

6. Moisturizer, lotion or gels? Yes to all, this will depend on your skin type and preference. It is best to have a different Day and Night Moisturizer. It’s very likely that you will need to switch to a richer moisturizer in the winter months, or maybe add a richer night cream, and stick to the same day moisturizer. Or you could add a more hydrating serum at night. If your skin is well hydrated at night, you might be able to use the same daily moisturizer you used in the summer.

7. Make up, foundation, tinted moisturizer? Once your summer glow is gone, you have many options to choose from. Here too, you can get a more or less moisturizing or covering formula. Check our Mineral Tinted Crème SPF 30 or our MD Mineral BB Créme SPF 50 as great options with built-in SPF.

8. SPF… did someone say SPF? While there are less UVA rays in the winter months (the ones that cause sun burns), the sun is still powerful enough to damage your skin, and there are actually more UVA rays, the ones responsible for skin aging. Remember that it’s not just about the red burn you get after being exposed to the sun, but more about the long term skin aging process you may not notice every day… wear SPF 😊

9. Chapped lips? Reach for your favorite Lip balm. We are partial to our new tinted lip balm with SPF 30, packed with rich natural oils and butters, vegan formula, with just the right amount of sheer tint. 👄

10. Self Care Sunday. Don’t skip it. Get a hydrating mask, take care of the delicate eye area, go a day without make up, drink cucumber water or a hot tea, close your eyes and breathe. 2020 is almost over!

Now if this feels like too much, stick to the basics: cleanse, moisturize and SPF with good quality products. Like in other areas of life, quality will outlast quantity. Check out our blog on Skincare routines by skin types to pick the products that will work best for your skin. And don’t hesitate to email with any questions.