Ahhh….Summertime! It’s hard to believe it’s winding down and a new seasonal transition will be upon us soon. It hasn’t been your typical summer, but we’ve all managed to make the best of the beautiful weather, time together and exploring local destinations.

We’re still in a “work from home” situation which has been a little chaotic, as has back to school planning. Hard to imagine we remain in a pandemic and the overall impact it has had on our lives, our loved ones and our communities. It makes you constantly evaluate what you truly have control of. And through that evaluation, I’ve found I have control over how I personally choose to treat others, control on how I choose to support my community and the health and well-being of my family. Being more available and more present has led to some very fulfilling moment this summer. It’s also given me more time to step back and appreciate the little things, the big things and strength we have as a nation to do the right thing. The selfless acts of kindness are what raise our bar as individuals and as a community.

At MDSolarSciences, we’re constantly striving to raise our bar. To ensure we’re delivering the best quality of premium, natural skin wellness, for you and your families. We continue to receive amazing press from our community and top publications. For this, we are truly thankful. I believe this speaks to the care we put into our small batch, natural products. From naturally derived “super foods” for your skin to the best in moisturizing complexes that help us all look younger while staying protected. We are growing and this is all because of your support. So, while a lot of things feel out of control, just know we’re here to help put some balance into your daily routine and keep your skin healthy so you can shine on!

With great appreciation,
Renee Plato

Renee Plato
CEO, MDSolarSciences