As we all experience unprecedented times, I find myself wondering “how am I going to do this?” No joke, it’s scary and hard.  It’s hard looking at my child trying to reassure her and finding co-working space at home with my husband (and still like each other).  Home school, home work, staycation, social distancing in a very social world.  It’s all highly stressful.  Is it the new norm?  I hope not.  But it is our new reality.  Then I realized, with all the change and restrictions to keep us safe, I need to shift my perspective.  Look for the good in the situation….because there’s actually a lot of good. 

In all the craziness, we’ve been made to slow down a bit.  We now have a little extra time to focus on ourselves, our families, our friends albeit virtually.  I’ve been able to transition my commuting time to going for a morning hike.  It’s made things a little easier to take on.  And it’s made me remember, we live in a beautiful country.  We have clean air, green hills and gorgeous beaches.  We have spectacular walking trails and mountains.  We have awesome urbanscapes and rivers.  We’re very fortunate to have the simple things.  Yes, we’re going through hard times, but we’re in this together. 

So, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a daily nature break to help calm nerves and put things into perspective.  Your friends at MDSolarSciences are wishing you sunny skies and a chance to get outdoors to take in the beauty this country has to offer.  Remember how much we have to be thankful for.

I hope we can be a little sunshine in your life, a little friend by your side looking out for you (and your skin) and giving you a sense of calm in a crazy, but beautiful, world. 

Don’t forget your SPF!  We love you!

Renee Plato
CEO, MDSolarSciences