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Mineral Or Chemical Sunscreens

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Understanding the differences andthe choice is yours

Mineral Sunscreens
Mineral sunscreens sit on top of the skin, creating a physical barrier between your skin and UV-rays. Our mineral sunscreens contain zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, and are immediately effective upon application— no waiting required. Our zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are FDA-approved. They’re also micronized and non-comedogenic, so that theywon’t clog pores. Plus, zinc oxide has the additional benefit of helping heal small wounds andskin abrasions.

Chemical Sunscreens
Sunscreens using chemicals as their active agentsare absorbed by the skin and must be applied 30minutes before UV- exposure to be effective. Rather than blocking rays, chemical sunscreens act like a sponge to absorb harmful UVA / UVB rays. If choosing chemical sunscreens, always opt for those that are free of oxybenzone and octinoxate. Our unique formulations deliver broad spectrum protection using only ingredients that are safe for both your skin and the planet.

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