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We should wear sunscreen. We know. Our dermatologists remind us every time we finally stop by for that essential checkup. Plus, many beauty articles get around to dropping the hint about damaging sun rays. Yet who hasn’t had some less-than-fun-in-the-sun experiences with sunscreen-greasy, turns our skin white, feels heavy- and/or stumble on the pronunciation of at least one of the ingredients. Time for a clean start this summer, because MDSolarSciences has a collection of natural, ultra-smooth, mineral SPF formulas that...
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No more 'sunscream' days!

We all remember fun times in the sun as kids, and we may also remember the dreadful moment when our parents would ask us to put sunscreen on. It did not always smell good, it did not always feel good and you certainly did not want to ‘reapply’! Fast forward to today, and thankfully, those dreadful ‘sunscream’ days are over. Why? Because dermatologists have worked hard to develop formulas that blend in smoothly, feel great to wear, are safe for...
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Summer is here, and while we should be thinking about SPF all year round, the onset of the warmer season means sunscreen is going to be front and center of our skin care routines. But how much do we really know about sunscreen? What does SPF mean? Does a higher SPF mean better protection? To give us the lowdown on SPF, we turned to dermatologist and MDSolarSciences friend, Dr. Diane Berson, for help in answering some of the questions that confound most of us about...
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Ahhh….Summertime! It’s hard to believe it’s winding down and a new seasonal transition will be upon us soon. It hasn’t been your typical summer, but we’ve all managed to make the best of the beautiful weather, time together and exploring local destinations. We’re still in a “work from home” situation which has been a little chaotic, as has back to school planning. Hard to imagine we remain in a pandemic and the overall impact it has had on our lives,...
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You might think wearing sunscreen is as easy as slathering it on your body. However, there a few tips we want to share to ensure that you’re getting the most protection from your sunscreen. Tip #1 : The Forgotten Areas The face, arms and legs get the most love when it comes to putting on sunscreen. However, there are smaller parts of the body that many people forget to put sunscreen on. Places like the tops of your feet, back...
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Sunscreen should be safe for the environment and lawmakers agree! They want our oceans free of Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, two chemicals that are toxic for coral reefs.  You probably never thought sunscreen could have an effect on the environment, but it does. Every year 14,000 tons of sunscreen washes off of people and into the ocean. Unfortunately, a lot of that sunscreen contains Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, chemicals that cause coral reefs to bleach. In good health, coral reefs are usually...
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You skipped sunscreen way too many times! We get it. It was too gooey, too sticky and left streaks all over your skin. Your sunscreen was a problem. And MDSolarSciences has created the perfect solution. Myth #1: Sunscreen leaves your skin and fingers greasy. We know you tried sunscreens that take forever to rub in and leave your skin feeling oily. At MDSolarSciences, we want you to wear sunscreen that you enjoy putting on. Whether it’s our Mineral Crème SPF...
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